Lived Experience Network

The Lived Experience Network (LEN) is one of three programs AEPCC has established to improve the lives of young people experiencing psychosis – alongside a Clinical Trials and Translation Network (CTTN) and Clinical Quality Registry (CQR).

Members from across Australia come together through the LEN to ensure the voice of people with lived experience of psychosis is central to AEPCC’s leadership and decision-making.

This national network collaborate with the other two AEPCC programs to:

Shape policy

Identify areas of improvement in early psychosis research and treatment

Advocate for marginalised voices

Explore ways of raising awareness and combatting stigma

How we'll support the LEN

To help us build this national network, we’re inviting members of the lived experience community and allies to join the LEN Establishment Committee. 

This is an opportunity for the early psychosis community to lead, to be heard and to shape the future of treatment and research. 

If you’re a young person with lived experience of early or emerging psychosis, or a carer or family member supporting a loved one and would like to be part of the LEN, we want to hear from you. Your voice is essential, and we want to make sure it is heard.

Get involved

If you want to know more about AEPCC or the LEN or share your thoughts, you can get in touch by filling in the enquiry form

Ensuring AEPCC and the LEN is accessible and culturally appropriate for all young Australians is one of our core priorities. We encourage feedback and open discussion from the community on how we can do better. 

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