The Australian Early Psychosis Collaborative Consortium (AEPCC) has established a Clinical Trials and Translation Network (CTTN), a Clinical Quality Registry (CQR) and a Lived Experience Network (LEN).

Through these three programs, we’re bringing together the national early psychosis community like never before – to work collaboratively and effectively to improve outcomes for young people experiencing early psychosis.

The AEPCC CQR will help the early psychosis community better understand outcomes for young people with early and emerging psychosis, and support the continuous improvement of care for young people experiencing psychosis.

The AEPCC CQR is the first clinical quality registry in the Australian mental health sector.

How does it work?

Clinical quality registries collect and analyse routine clinical outcome data from clients who receive treatment at clinical services that participate in a registry for a particular condition.

These data are then made available to clinicians and services so they can better understand the impact of treatments for their clients. 

Our team is contacting early psychosis services across Australia to discuss their interest in participating in the AEPCC CQR, which is voluntary. Implementation will be tailored to each site. 

Once the AEPCC CQR is established and has collected data for a year or two, we will publish a publicly available annual report. 

Why take part?

The AEPCC CQR is a unique and valuable opportunity for early psychosis services to contribute to, and benefit from, better understanding the outcomes of young people experiencing early psychosis.

We aim to help services and clinicians drive continuous improvement in client-centred care, and contribute to the sustainability and expansion of early psychosis clinical services for young people who need them. 

An economic evaluation of Australian clinical quality registries supported international evidence demonstrating better outcomes for patients, including improved quality of life after treatment and avoided treatment or hospital stay costs.

Get involved

AEPCC CQR queries

We’re reaching out to early psychosis clinical services across Australia. If you’re interested in speaking with us about the AEPCC CQR, please complete our enquiry form and we will be in touch to find a suitable time to meet.

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