Clinical Quality Registry

The Australian Early Psychosis Collaborative Consortium (AEPCC) has establishing the first national Clinical Quality Registry (CQR) in youth mental health and early psychosis.

The AEPCC CQR helps the early psychosis community better understand outcomes for young people with early and emerging psychosis, and supports the continuous improvement of care for young people experiencing psychosis.

Why establish a CQR?

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care defines clinical quality registries as: 

“Organisations that monitor the quality (appropriateness and effectiveness) of health care, within specific clinical domains, by routinely collecting, analysing and reporting health-related information, for a self-improving health system.”

High-functioning, mature clinical quality registries are vital for:

Driving continuous improvements in patient-centred healthcare and outcomes

Improving the value of healthcare

Contributing to the sustainability of healthcare systems

The AEPCC CQR has been built and implemented in accordance with guidance from the ‘Framework for Australian clinical quality registries’, developed by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. 

What does the AEPCC CQR do?

The AEPCC CQR works with early psychosis services across Australia to collect select demographic and clinical outcome data for young people receiving treatment for psychosis at their services. 

This data is made available to clinicians and service management so they can better understand the impact of early psychosis treatments for their clients. 

AEPCC also monitors data in the CQR around the mid- and long-term outcomes of young people experiencing early psychosis at both a local and national level. 

AEPCC CQR governance

The establishment of the AEPCC CQR is being supported by: 

  • AEPCC Advisory Council
  • AEPCC CTTN Establishment Committee
  • AEPCC Investigators
  • Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA)

AEPCC governance groups

Get involved

Click below to find more information about how the AEPCC CQR works and the benefits of taking part.

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