Clinical Trials and Translation Network

The Australian Early Psychosis Collaborative Consortium (AEPCC) has establishing the first Australian clinical trials network in youth mental health and early psychosis.

We’ve added an additional element – translation – to ensure research findings are translated into clinical practice.

The AEPCC Clinical Trials and Translation Network (CTTN) is an enabling platform to facilitate early psychosis research across Australia.

Why establish a clinical trials network?

Clinical trials networks are common in other areas of health and medicine throughout Australia. The Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA)’s overview is a great introduction. 

The evidence is clear that clinical trials networks are beneficial for the conduct, translation and impact of clinical research and health outcomes. 

In the 2017 Economic evaluation of investigator-initiated clinical trials conducted by networks report, ACTA found that investigator-initiated clinical trials conducted by networks:

Influence clinical guidelines

Identify ways to improve safety and quality

Identify opportunities for more efficient resource use

What does the AEPCC CTTN do?

As a facilitating clinical trials network for the early psychosis community, the AEPCC CTTN will*: 

  • identify important clinical questions; 
  • collaboratively develop study protocols;
  • conduct peer review and formal endorsement of trials run through AEPCC;
  • convene scientific meetings;
  • support grant writing (for example, statistical, translation or health economics analysis consultation, lived experience community participation);
  • establish educational, training and mentoring opportunities for early psychosis researchers, clinicians and lived experience community members;
  • develop and strengthen advocacy, clinical and lived experience community liaison; 
  • support site selection and trial oversight; and 
  • support the development of clinical guidelines. 


*adapted from Activities supporting the growth of Clinical Trial Networks in Australia (Nemeh et al., 2022).

AEPPC won’t have a direct role in trial management or coordination, and won’t act as a study sponsor. Management and coordination of clinical trials will be conducted by one or more specialist trial coordinating centres, based in medical research institutions or university departments. 

AEPCC CTTN governance

The establishment of the AEPCC CTTN is being supported by: 

  • AEPCC Advisory Council
  • AEPCC CTTN Scientific Committee
  • AEPCC Investigators
  • Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA)

AEPCC governance groups

Get involved

Click below to find more information about how the AEPCC CTTN works and the benefits of taking part.

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