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About AEPCC Membership

Collaboration is at the heart of AEPCC. The evidence is clear, if we want to improve outcomes for young people with early psychosis, we need to bring together researchers, clinicians, and people who have experienced psychosis and their family and friends (lived experience).

If this is you, please apply to become a member to influence our important work. Membership is completely free and you decide how involved you are.

Your details will only be used to send you information about AEPCC and will not be shared with third parties.

Why join AEPCC?

You’ll be emailed opportunities to:

  • Tell researchers what’s important to you so they study the right topics and understand the nuances.
  • Be part of a network of people who have experienced early psychosis and their family and friends.
  • Influence how clinicians prepare treatment summaries so they are meaningful and useful for people with lived experience.
  • Access support for current or planned research through the early psychosis Clinical Trials and Translation Network.
  • Apply for access to data from the first mental health Clinical Quality Registry.
  • Design studies alongside the lived experience community and recruit for clinical trials through our Lived Experience Network.
  • Promote your research results to people with lived experience through the Lived Experience Network.
  • Work with early psychosis clinical services to translate research findings across Australia.

Welcome to the Australian Early Psychosis Collaborative Consortium website.

AEPCC does not provide mental health support. If you need support, click below to find contact details for services near you.
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