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About AEPCC Membership

Collaboration is at the heart of AEPCC and, as such, there is a range of free membership options for anyone with an interest in, or connection with, early or emerging psychosis. 

Find out how you could become a member of the inaugural national early psychosis collaborative consortium. 

Why join AEPCC?

Be in the know 

  • Receive the latest information from the early psychosis sector – through a research, clinical or lived experience lens. ​
  • Gain unique access to information about early psychosis research opportunities. ​

Be involved 

  • Contribute to the establishment of the first Australian early psychosis clinical trials and translation network and clinical quality registry.
  • Contribute to the establishment of a lived experience network for the early psychosis community across Australia. 
  • Contribute to the development of research priorities for the early psychosis sector. ​

 Be connected

  • ​​Join a community to advocate for ongoing and increased funding across the early psychosis sector. 
  • Meet and collaborate with others from the early psychosis sector through online and in-person AEPCC activities.  ​

Be supported

  • Access support for current or planned early psychosis research. ​
  • Secure promotion of your research group’s activities and achievements through AEPCC publications and the AEPCC website.

Apply for membership

Full Membership – Research​

Apply if you’re involved in an early or emerging psychosis research trial, as:

  • a chief or principal investigator;
  • mid- or early-career researcher; peer-researcher; or student. ​

We include ultra-high risk (UHR), clinical high-risk (CHR) and at-risk mental state (ARMS) for psychosis in our definition of ‘early or emerging psychosis’.

Full Membership – Clinical

Apply if you work in:

  • an organisation that provides clinical services to young people experiencing early psychosis.​

This includes clinical students, peer workers or anyone working in a clinical care team in early or emerging psychosis.

Full Membership – Lived Experience ​

Apply if you identify as a member of the early psychosis lived experience community, as:

  • a young person with lived experience of psychosis; or
  • a carer, family member or loved one of a young person with lived experience of psychosis. ​

Affiliate Membership

Apply if you support AEPCC’s goals and would like to stay up-to-date with our activities but don’t meet the criteria for a full membership option. For example, you may be:

  • part of a not-for-profit or non-governmental organisation that actively engages with the early psychosis community but are not directly involved in providing clinical services; or
  • a clinician, researcher or otherwise have an interest in the area but are not engaged directly in early psychosis services or research.

Welcome to the Australian Early Psychosis Collaborative Consortium website.

AEPCC does not provide mental health support. If you need support, click below to find contact details for services near you.
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