Clinical Trials and Translation Network benefits already emerging for researchers

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Applications for the latest Wellcome Trust funding opportunity have been bolstered by researchers deciding to run their trials through AEPCC’s Clinical Trials and Translation Network (CTTN).

We promoted the call-out for trials relating to improving cognitive and functional outcomes in people experiencing, or at risk of, psychosis, and offered a range of supports to researchers.

All three first round applications received pre-endorsement from the CTTN Establishment Committee, and Australian Clinical Trials Association (ACTA) evidence has shown that clinical trials have an increased chance of receiving funding when run through, and backed by, a network.

AEPCC’s CTTN will facilitate introductions between early psychosis researchers and sites, promoting multi-site trials and ultimately improving the quality of trials.

We strongly believe in the translation and implementation pathways of clinical trials, and we’re exploring ways of providing AEPCC members with training and tools to embed these critical components in their trials.

If you’re involved in early psychosis research and are keen to get involved in the CTTN but haven’t yet heard from us, please reach out. Equally, you’re passionate about driving change and have an idea of how to do that, we’d love to hear from you.

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