Clinical Quality Registry platform development underway

Two young people sitting next to each other looking at a phone

Development of AEPCC’s Clinical Quality Registry (CQR) digital platform has officially begun.

We’re working closely with our contractors, digital agency Heartburst, who have already made significant progress in defining the back-end database structures, as well as mapping user journeys – the actions people might take when using the registry. This vital work will inform how the registry is built.

Alongside the development of the registry, there is important work underway to establish the structures and processes that support it.

We’re collaborating with the newly formed CQR Establishment Committee and other stakeholders to finalise our minimum data set, which determines what information will be collected through the registry.

The data set must be feasible and practical for clinicians to record, while also providing enough useful information that can be analysed to deliver future improvements in care for young people experiencing early psychosis. Balancing these two factors is a delicate process and we’re dedicating a substantial amount of time to this decision.

We believe in the storytelling power of data. The CQR is designed to harness these stories to improve service design and delivery, and to advocate for policy reform and funding, while ensuring the registry is a useful tool for clinicians on the ground.

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